ShareInsights: The Fastest Way to Create a Data Transformation Pipeline

Create data transformation pipelines quickly with ShareInsights

In today’s technology arena, enterprises are competing to analyze data and get answers from it almost instantly. To thrive in this environment and garner increased earnings, companies need to generate insights faster and more efficiently.

From a functional system and line of business application to a data warehouse and data mart, data pipelines were formerly used to transform and move data from one structured system to another. Being managed entirely by the IT team, businesses would take weeks and sometimes even months to harness data and extract value from it. Making the decision-making process extensive, this method of data analysis would be viable only for prolonged data projects.

Then came the era of the data lake which used all types of data — structured data from applications and unstructured data from IoT devices, social media, mobile apps — and delivered the ability to run analytics faster. The capability of data lakes to support open source frameworks such as Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark sped up the process by allowing organizations to run analytics directly on the lake eliminating the need for a separate tool.

However, in spite of being recognized as a critical enabler, the sheer complexity of the data in a data lake and the coding skills needed to analyze data meant that IT still had to play the role of a gatekeeper. Business teams had to rely on IT to get aggregated, joined, pre-processed data that they could visualize. After a few repetitions of this process, the business teams would receive a satisfactorily refined data set that answered their questions and the cycle would end.

This relentless back and forth significantly delayed analytical cycles.

So how can organizations eliminate bottlenecks by independently blending data and transforming businesses without waiting- an effort that’s more agile and efficient than traditional business intelligence solutions?

The answer lies in an end-to-end big data analytics platform such as ShareInsights that enables business teams to blend and transform data entirely on their own without relying on IT, all this in a secure and well-governed manner.

Here’s a quick demo of how ShareInsights’ drag-and-drop visual data pipeline designer allows powerful data transformations to be created in record time, without writing any code.

Designed for high-performance insight creation on even the largest of data sets, whilst facilitating self-sufficiency, enterprises can now drastically reduce data analytics bottlenecks and get the insights they need, exactly when they need them. Learn how to join datasets, apply transformations and build a data pipeline in seconds to enable faster insight generation with Accelerite ShareInsights.