TravelBoom genesis. My first startup is finally online.

About one year ago, a friend of mine telling me about his problem about the organization of his summer travel in Moscow. He checked every kind of website (ig. Booking, trivago, kayak, expedia..) to find the cheapest flyght and the best accomodation ever, but that system couldnt help him with the organization of his holidays. So he started to navigate over the web forums to discover the best places to see, the best restaurante, but also any kind of tips.

His travel organization was something like a second job. So he started to ask help to Travel Agencies of his town, but he live in a small town and there were only two agencies.

We ask ourselves: why we dont startup a marketplace to help travelers and travel agents meet each other!? This is the best way to help travelers to have the best holidays ever, because competition between agencies isnt only about price, but also about customer care and services.

Was february 2015 and with the help of a beer TravelBoom was born. In meantime We had a lot of problems about team, mvp, business model, but i will explain you in next posts.

Actually we dont have metrics yet, but I will follow up soon with some numbers.

Thank you all for reading this article. Any comments about TravelBoom is appreciate.

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