A man is made by walking
Aaditya Tiwari

A thought provoking read. I think the answer to this question can never be given in its entirety. We are a composite of umpteen events and happenings that we’ve come across and thus the answer also changes with perspectives. For a stranger, you may define yourself through your profession; for the government, your PAN or UID would suffice.

You also mentioned that one is made by one’s choices. Maybe. Because then you need to answer, is our world really compatible with freedom of will or is it only deterministic? What if we’ve only had an illusion of choice throughout our life? (It might seem unrealistic but the Deterministic school of thought also makes very cogent arguments).

It’s all very confusing to me and I still struggle with the answer. However, borrowing from Existentialists like Sartre, I think that one’s purpose in life should be a sufficient definition (assuming there’s no “Bad Faith” involved), because one’s purpose is always from their perspective only, your purpose in life will not change no matter who inquires. With this thought, I think the proverb, while comparing us with vagabonds, encourages us to think over our purpose in life and then walk towards it. You might not find a road to your destination, but the road will be made, by walking.

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