What you should know about confidential counseling and treatment

Dr. Rogusky spends her days helping the students plan for life after graduation, responding to teens’ occasional crises. There’s hardly anything new in this. However; she does nearly all of her work in cyberspace. She has been providing online therapy interacting with students across the state primarily from her small cubicle.

“It was definitely a challenge to my counseling skills, however these days Telepsychiatry has become pretty common” — says she!

As a matter of fact; email, chat and webcam are the most common methods of delivery. Traditionally online counseling was text-based however with technological advances, webcams have introduced the audio and visual components back into the process. To quote Ms. Rogusky — “It’s not at all hard when the patients see that I’m smiling at them.” There is hardly any denying that dialoguing with an online counsellor through reflection and writing nowadays stand as quite a powerful way of getting support. It is all about making positive life changes. Virtual counseling helps in a number of ways.

The email correspondence which is a part of online counselling is itself therapeutic. Think about it and like many you will be able to perceive it as the ultimate way of writing about thoughts and feelings and making sense of them.

Moreover; the confidentiality and overall convenience in a fast paced world also play a role in making Online counseling a successful model whatsoever. Confidential counseling and treatment now may include group work, use of clinical tools, interactive exercises, use of assessment applications and also aftercare programming.

However your choice should depend on your concern. For example you may have to see a psychiatrist for managing your medications and a psychologist for online counseling.

The good news is with the mammoth popularity and the tremendous growth of this type of treatment program the model nowadays goes beyond mere individual psychotherapy. It now opens the door to comprehensive approach to Telepsychiatry through a safe and trusted network whatsoever.

As things stand now licensed web counseling with the help of a trusted network also provides the clinics with access to behavioral health professionals for their patients.

Utilizing the power of the internet your clinic gains access to highly trained and cost effective psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, nurse practitioners and licensed professional counselors to provide on demand services in a cost efficient way.

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