Importance and Need of Wheelchair Threshold Ramps

The advancement of new technology has been taking place since long, or say, since the beginning of human history. Technology moves forward at a breakneck pace. These advancements have helped people and organizations save time and costs. One such invention which is paving the way for even more comfort to the world is the invention of Threshold Ramps.

Wheelchair Threshold Ramps

What are threshold ramps?

Threshold ramps provide a simple, safe and more comfortable way to navigate through doorways, raised landings, sliding glass doors, up steps, curbs, sliding glass doors and more. One can use them on any surface as their main aim is to facilitate the smooth transition from inside to outside or vice versa. In short, they are used to bridge small gaps in height. No space is off-limits in your room or office with the installation of threshold ramps as they can be fitted to any residential doorway.

Why are threshold ramps used?

The threshold ramp bridges door-entry, allowing wheelchairs and scooters to move in and out with ease. These ramps are designed for maximum durability and convenient use and can set up in just a few seconds. One merely needs to place the Threshold Ramp at the door entrance and, when necessary, attach using the predrilled slots. These ramps are available in different sizes to fit in the entries correctly. They are often used in residential settings to overcome height differences from room to room. Whether you require a wheelchair for long-term or short-term disability or a power scooter due to a temporary injury, investing in wheelchair threshold ramp will be one of the wisest decisions that you will make.

There is a wide variety of ramps that can increase accessibility for individuals who use wheelchairs, power scooters, or other mobility devices to get around. Threshold ramps differ from free-standing and portable ramps. This kind of ramps can also be placed back to back to reduce hurdles like bumps or small gaps for smooth mobility. You have to remember that, though, that they are not all created equal, to choose the proper wheelchair ramp for your specific needs you need to consider the following:

  • Your budget
  • How you plan to use the ramp most often
  • The benefits and disadvantages of each type of ramp.

Wheelchair threshold ramps are available in different materials, including aluminum, rubber, and fiberglass. You need to make sure the quality of the ramp you are going to buy is durable and long-lasting. They should not rust or corrode easily. These ramps can be temporary or permanent. Many of these ramps can support 300 lbs or as much as 1000 lbs. Wheelchair threshold ramps are widely used by the healthcare and nursing home industries. They help navigate through trickier terrain with utmost ease.

So, if you are willing to eliminate the hurdles caused due to bumps or gaps in your residential doorway and want to help the person in need, you should go for wheelchair threshold ramps.