How to Forgive your Parents for the Unforgivable

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Someone told me once that “No one should be too good for their mom.”

I now believe that to be true.

A few years ago I spent the Thanksgiving weekend at my moms house for the first time in a while even though I live 45 minutes away from home. I offered to cook the turkey.

It’s been a really long road for my mother and I. A lot of our struggle has been unspoken, but the parts that happened out loud were the biggest to overcome.

I told my mom that…

I’m Sorry for All of the Kids that Will Never Know their Grandparents

Photo by Author: Birthday Card From Grandpa

My grandfather was my best friend.

I miss him every single day, and he died 15 years ago.

For some people, grandparents are just the people you see on holidays or at milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

But for some of us, they are so important to shaping who we are. Some grandparents provide insights into the past, they understand us in a way that our parents do not, and they pepper themselves into our lifelong memories.

My grandfather suffered immensely as a child and as an adult…

I’m Having Auditory Hallucinations

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I’ve reached a new level of crazy.

I hear things now.

Do you know how long it actually takes to realize that you’re officially crazy enough to know that your head is projecting sounds and voices that are not there?

For me it’s been about six months.

I have many layers of complex PTSD. Each trauma in my life has stained me in a specific way. When terrible things happen and you feel the initial blast of trauma, your system gets thrown out of whack. …

My New Years Resolution is to Watch Every Nicolas Cage Movie: Best Decision Ever.

Photo by Myke Simon on Unsplash

It took me 9 screenshots to capture his entire filmography.

Warning: This may contain spoilers.

First off, let me say, I’ve always been a fan.

I have nothing but love for his work. I loved Nicolas Cage before he became an icon of “eccentric famous person.” He’s been a central, or starring character in some of the best movies of all time.

What would the nineties be without him? Not nearly as imaginative, I’ll say.

In my opinion, any movie is made better by an appropriate use of his vast talent.

The Man Who Molested Me Died Today: My Mom Found His Body

I knew this would happen, but always expected to feel differently.

Photo by Scott Evans on Unsplash

I haven’t talked to anyone about it yet. Not anyone but my sister who was with my mom when she called 911.

I used to talk about how I would throw a party when he died.

I expected to hear this sound of trumpets in my head and I would be free of this monster who hung around for over 25 years.

I did have a reason for my grudge.

My father died when I was 4 and he started dating my mom when I was 5.

During this time, when…

Living with Crippling Anxiety: A Beginners Guide

Photo by Xin on Unsplash

I’ve had severe anxiety and panic since the age of eight.

I have adapted to it, but have no cure.

2020 is a year where a lot of people are stressed out and there are a lot of “what-ifs” floating around. Even the average person without an anxiety disorder is prone to a panic attack or two.

There are some things that I wish I knew about my anxiety years ago that would have helped me function at a much more optimum level. …

I’ve been on a google-review kick lately.

Photo By Jon Schnobrich on Unsplash

I love saying nice things about the businesses I spend time at.

I’ve always wanted to be that person. Until now, I never have.

Often over the years I would be impressed after an experience at a restaurant or other venue and say to myself, “I should leave a nice review”

Until this year I never have. Not once.

I just “never got around to it”

I used to work in hospitality. I KNOW how much reviews matter.

Right now, they matter even more because people are being careful with their money.

If I see a business with 3.3 stars when I search online, I’m sketched out a bit and don’t even usually read all of the…

When You’re Going Through Something Impossible To Talk About.

Photo by Lilian Dibbern on Unsplash

I’m a talker.

Such a talker.

My whole life has been a journey to master the art of explaining myself.

I talk with substance, I read my audience, and I’m generally loved by the people in my life.

Still, I’m a person who abundantly shares.

If you’re a talker like me, when you’re going through something no one else could possibly understand, you feel suffocated.

I have friends and family who care a lot, I am a person who pretty much always has someone to talk to.

But, the things I’m going through just aren’t things you talk about.

I know it.


Dawn Fullerton

Born in Oklahoma, raised in Southern California. She loves cats, the natural world and the little things that make it magical.

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