Sold out flight?

This morning, I booked airline tickets with United. Typically as with any other airline, going through the process you come to a place where you can choose your seat. I for one, like being by the window. I enjoy staring out into the clouds.

This option of choosing the seats did not come. I was thinking of how odd is was, but didn’t pay any mind. I got to the payment screen, still no choice of seats. I did, however, notice upgrades to Economy+, and of course First Class.

Economy+ would have been $300.00 on top of the ticket prices for which I just paid. First Class would have been almost 1k, on top of the airfare I just paid. I still didn’t think anything of it, I paid for what I thought was economy seats, you know the ones with no legroom at all, and the kids behind you kicking your seat.

I went back to my reservation screen to choose our seats. Only to find out that there is no regular economy seats left on this flight. I thought, that’s odd, so I called Customer Support (or lack there of) and inquired why this was.

The woman, stated that the flight is sold out. She stated that to get a seat I had a few choices, I could:

- Wait for my departure date to obtain a seat assignment. 
- Upgrade to the Economy+ ($300.00 in total upgrade cost)
- Upgrade to First Class (Roughly 1k in total upgrade cost)

When I asked what I had just paid for. She said you secured your “spot” on the flight, not seat, a “spot”, where are we going to sit, on the wig? The jump seat? The cockpit? The lavatory? Where exactly is our “spot” on this plane going to be?

I told her, that how I recall airlines working. You purchase a ticket, you choose your seat, or it’s general boarding. You then pay your exorbitant amount in airfare and voila you’re well on your way to the friendly skies.

I was sadly mistaken, it would appear you see, United “holds” seats. To make it look like the flight is booked/sold-out. They also pressure you into the crazy upgrades to take more money for you. Today was this woman’s unlucky day. I laid into her, I told her I would not pay one more #$#%#@ cent to the airline. In fact, I want to cancel my flight and I want the money refunded immediately to my card.

I was going on and on, then as if she pulled the bunny out of the hat, she came up with seats for us. Going to our destination and coming back from, and guess what, yep, they are in economy.

I need a damn drink.