Job “Security”

A Myth or Reality

Off late, we have been bulldozed with news about layoffs. Every other day, we hear about an ‘x’ organisation laying off its employees, employers handing over pink slips to employees, employees loosing their jobs due to redundancy, and automation, to name a few.

And thats basically the first subject, I thought I should write about. I know, being an HR it sounds such a cliche.. but, I dont care.

Right, now that we have got the context.. another thought to ponder upon..the HR folks are regularly thrown this question at, why is laying off employees looked at the very first means of reducing cost. Only very recently, I was conducting an HR session for one of our major clients in US.. and the client asked exactly the same question. Quite unexpected, I was taken aback but then I held back my grounds and replied all that I had learnt. (For curious few, the answer is the next few paras)

Another upcoming subject that imposes a threat to the subject is the grand entry of innumerable latest technologies. Would the current engineers loose their jobs due to this surge!?

Now, lets get this right. Wasn’t technology changing, rather developing 10 yrs back as well? What did people do then!? Dreamt and let it impact them? Did they let it impact their lmdecisions and everyday learning. Clearly the answer is NO and YES both. Yes, because they used it in their stride and let it make an impact positively. Well, No because, they didnt get bogged down with it.

“Upskilling” is the right route to take in the changing times. From the time I remember, technology has been disruptive. From G, to 2G, to 3G, 4G and 5G.. its been like this since forever. We just learn and adapt to the changes! Adapt so that it impacts us positively. Adapt so that we give back to the world what we have learnt. Adapt so that we dont become redundant, simple!

Upskilling is the art of continually upgrading oneself with the changing times. Be it technology, ways of working or mindset. In my opinion, the ones who upskill shall definitely mark a niche for themselves in this ever changing world.

The survival of the start up enterpreneural era is due to the birth of upskilling.

So, yeah.. to summarise a controversial topic (and get away with it, because its MY blog), Job Security is a reality if we own it up and make it one.

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