What Matters Next: Creativity is Just Connecting Things
Pete Mortensen

“creativity is just connecting things”

— brilliant.

I can’t wait to see what the next few years are bringing as far as collabrative arts. Is there a job for that? Connecting things??

As opposed to social networking I’d love to see a sort innovation network online. More than idea spreading and people connecting it’s also education and information connection. Offering top-down learning on a varitey of topics. You can find your school of choice to begin with but if you had a cross-market idea for example it’s possible for you to have a directory on where to start to see if it’s feasable, that sort of thing. You can also switch schools or study multiple disciplines.

Create games that drive meaningful change for people and the world.

YES!! Social Change! An app for teaching people how to Love each other and stop hurting each other. An app for practicing asking girls out and for understanding consent to stop this toxic masculinty problem. An app for teens when it’s time for “the talk” as a supplemental place for parents to send their kids in case they have any questions they were too afraid to ask.

productivify games. ABSOLUTELY. There is so much potential for good in this.

Education-wise also! I would love to see video games that let you go into and explore vitural historical worlds (this might already exist). I think that navigating a town in your history book or a specific era for your AP history exam might be better digested through player perspective.

Magic School Bus VR. What?!?

Great article. Definitely sparked a few ideas for me..