Humans have been making steel for decades, as the alloy is sturdy than its two constituents: iron and carbon. Steel is a perfect material when it comes to constructing bridges, buildings and other large structures. This is a high quality metal and is used in various industries for different purposes. Most commercial and industrial buildings are constructed with the help of steel. The majority of steel goes to the construction industry. Steel structures can be built at a low price in a small time. Steel, in its various forms and alloys, can be modified to meet the demands of unique projects. On the basis of conditions that the structure is exposed to, steel can be alloyed differently for protection.

All among the energy sector, including nuclear, wind power, electric and natural gas, needs steel for their infrastructure. Another use of steel is resource extraction, like in offshore platforms and forklifts etc. Due to the challenging environments, carbon, micro-alloyed, high strength and stainless steels are all used in the production of offshore platforms and pipelines etc.

Most of the household utensils comes from steel like fridges, washing machines, ovens, microwaves, sinks, cutlery, etc. Steel is also used to build many industry goods like farm vehicles and machinery, storage tanks, tools, structures, walkways etc. Steel packaging protects goods from water, air, and light exposure and is followed by around for over 200 years. These packagings are also fully recyclable. Steel allows for high-speed filling and lightweight open packaging. Packaging steels are often made from low carbon cold-rolled steel strip and are surface finished. The majority of steel packaging goes towards food and beverage container, followed by a general line, aerosols etc.

Many materials from homes to piano string use steel. Around half of the steels produced goes to the construction sector. Around 15% of steels produced are used in transport sector. Dubai holds a large number of steel companies known for their quality. Steel Suppliers in Dubai are one among the bests in the world.