How to Recover Blocked Hotmail Account

What is Hotmail

This is not the important topic at this time but we would like to give some information about the history of the hotmail. According to wikipedia as a webmail service was introduced by Sabir Bhatia in 1996. It was the earliest phase of email services. Just by the year of 1997 it was very popular in the world. By the december 1997 Hotmail had got 8.7 Million Subscribers which was a very big number in comparison to the total number of internet users at that time.

In December 1997 hotmail was acquired by the tech giant Microsoft and Microsoft changed Hotmail to MSN hotmail. In 2012 microsoft launched their advanced email services which they named All the existing users of hotmail can upgrade to outlook for free and in the very early phase of the launch.

Why Hotmail Account gets Blocked

Microsoft is the company which always tries to keep the privacy of their users very secure. Because once in 1999 the hotmail was hacked by some hackers by finding a breach in the microsoft security. So microsoft is very curious about the security of their users’ privacy. There are several reasons why your hotmail account may get blocked. But the most important and the most happening reason is “Unusual Sign-in Activity”. This happens when someone tries to open a hotmail account that doesn’t belong to him from an untrusted IP address. So microsoft sees that the person is trying to hack your account to get your information and blocks that hotmail account.

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How to get Blocked Hotmail Account Back

As i have told you that hotmail has been merged to outlook and all the microsoft products are now synced to Microsoft live account which can be accessed at

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These are the steps to get your hotmail account back:

  1. Connect your system to the Internet.
  2. Open any browser like Google chrome, Microsoft Edge or any other which you have on your computer.
  3. Now type in the url section of your browser.
  4. Now type your hotmail account email address in the email section of the page.
  5. Enter the security code or captcha and click next.
  6. Now it will ask for a recovery option which you have entered while creating your account.
  7. Now select the recovery option you have access to and click on get code.
  8. On the next screen enter the Security code you got on your recovery option.
  9. Now enter the new password and verify it by filling it again.
  10. After entering the same password in both columns press enter key.

Now you have successfully changed your Hotmail Password.

Get a complete tutorial at how to reset account live password using

  1. You cannot use your old password.
  2. Choose a password with a combination of Alphabets, numbers along with a special character in it.
  3. Don’t use the same password which you use on other accounts.

Still you are facing problems while getting back your hotmail account. Do some checks from your end.

  1. As the passwords are case sensitive so check if you have cap lock on. If it’s on, turn it off and try again.
  2. Sometimes you might not be able to login to your account due to cookies and the cache memory of your computer. So try to clear cookies and cache memory and try to login again.

Now if you still couldn’t reset your account live password and don’t have access to the recovery options you gave at the time of signing up. You have to fill an account recovery form to get your hotmail account back.

Here is a step by step tutorial on

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Get your Microsoft Password Reset by following tutorial

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