Hulu vs. Netflix in 2018

Hulu and Netflix seem to be two of the biggest giants in the world of free online streaming content. Both of them offer free premium membership access to their content and both of them offer a wide variety of content, so who wins in terms of cost and what they offer?


Netflix is best for original content streaming. They offer a lot of original shows that are highly rated and they’re always coming out with brand new original content. Their services start at around $11 per month and they do offer a free trial just like Hulu Plus. During Netflix’s free trial, you get access to everything you normally would without any kind of restrictions as if you were an actual paying member, which makes it easy to test out the platform to see if it’s worth it.

Netflix Cons

  • There are a lot of shows and movies that are only available on the “DVD only” service for Netflix which requires an additional membership where they actually mail DVDs to your house
  • A lot of decent titles come and go quite frequently, some disappearing overnight without warning

Hulu Plus

If you’re interested in mostly network TV, then Hulu Plus will be an amazing source of entertainment for you because they offer the most network television shows available. The original programming selection is also superb on Hulu Plus and you can get access to things like HBO without any additional fees. You get access to brand new videos and best of all, it’s actually cheaper than Netflix. Hulu Plus in our opinion has the best selection of new TV shows and even older TV shows.

Hulu Plus Cons

  • There’s a lot of commercials, so this is something you’ll have to get used to
  • The interface could use a complete re-work and a lot of updating, it definitely fails to Netflix here

Netflix wins in the interface department, with a far superior interface but Hulu Plus wins the if you’re looking for a vast variety of TV show selection. Each platform has their own distinct benefits that you’ll have to find out for yourself.

3 Methods to Get a Free Hulu Account: