Lucy Goes to Boston

Lucy, Mil Milagros’ Program Director, was in Boston last week with In-Country Director Carolyn Daly for the annual dinner celebrating MM’s partners. This is Lucy’s first time in the United States.

Lucy with her luggage at the airport in Guatemala City getting ready to take off for Boston!

At the annual dinner, Lucy was the featured speaker and had the opportunity to share about herself and how Mil Milagros has impacted her life. She began with Mil Milagros four years ago as the first full-time nutrition and health/hygiene coordinator and now manages staff, mother leaders, and the MM programs in our partner schools in rural Guatemala.

Indigenous Maya women in rural Guatemala rarely have the opportunity to serve in leadership roles in their communities and provide income for their families. Many indigenous women have never traveled outside of their departments (states) in rural Guatemala, and the average years of education for indigenous girls is just three.

Lucy’s parents had to work to provide for themselves and their siblings at a very young age, and they wanted better opportunities for their children. “Mil Milagros has given me the opportunity to express myself and share my thoughts and opinions,” Lucy says.

Lucy teaches mothers about preparing healthy, nutritious meals for their children at an Early Childhood Development workshop.

Lucy’s bright smile, warm personality, and deep passion for her work have inspired the Mil Milagros team for the last four years. She calls her coworkers and MM mother leaders her “sisters,” and often has the team over to her house for breakfast.

Mil Milagros imagines a world where indigenous Maya women lead the fight to eradicate child malnutrition and hunger in Guatemala. We believe that world isn’t only possible, but is already happening in our partner communities through the leadership of women like Lucy.

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