Western Conservative Summit 2017 Event Recap

The American Conservation Coalition made its organizational debut at the Western Conservative Summit.

Our ACC Team was privileged to join the Western Conservative Summit in Denver ahead of our launch. Many of our team members felt that those they talked to at the conference were receptive to the idea of the free market acting as a catalyst for positive change in the environmental realm. ACC members enjoyed talking to the Conservation Energy Network, the California Water Alliance, and the R Street Institute during the Denver conference, forming relationships that will hopefully lead to more contacts and a larger network of inter-organization cooperation and support going forward.

The millennial-environment panel was a highlight of ACC’s time at the conference, which was met with great interest and a large crowd, with many individuals asking questions to our founder, Benji Backer. As our Chief of Staff Danielle Butcher said, “with a level of surprise came a level of interest” regarding free market environmentalism and a more conservative approach to environmental issues expressed by Mr. Backer via the panel and the team during their stay. Initial skepticism to pro-market, pro-environment messages was put to rest by the panel and our enthusiastic team.

The eagerness with which WCS attendees greeted the introduction of the ACC was encouraging, especially because a group like this has never been fully incorporated into the conservative movement. Every demographic was engaged and excited to hear more about it; as one attendee put it after listening to our panel, “It’s encouraging to see an organized effort to introduce new solutions to environmental issues.”

All three team members said that, in the course of conversations, individuals claimed that ACC provided a much-needed outlet for conservatives (especially among the millennial demographic) who are passionate about the preservation of the environment and conservation to get involved, filling a void long present in the conservative movement. The ACC Team enjoyed the cozy community feel provided by the venue, with the only complaint being the sheer amount of walking. Communications Director Bethany Bowra’s pro-tip: “Wear flats.”

American Conservation Coalition

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