Automation in Packaging and Some Frequently Asked Questions

It can be quite difficult to identify the right packaging solutions for your manufacturing, especially when there are many options to choose from. You must have heard of the term ‘automation’. However, have you ever thought how it can transform the overall production cycle?

Let’s discuss the type of packaging solutions first.

No automation: This refers to no machine involvement. Without packaging automation, it’s very difficult to cope with the consumers’ demands. Also, quality is often compromised and the overall process takes a lot of time.

Semi automation: This includes the role of both, the machines and the labors. Of course, it’s better than no automation at all, however, overhead expenses could be a challenge. Also, an operator is required to run the machine.

Full automation: This is the best automated packaging solutions we’ve today. Initial cost could be a bit high, however, that would be a one time investment only. With these solutions, quality can be improved while getting everything done on time.

Now, let’s discuss some frequently asked questions:

Q: Why should I add machines to my manufacturing unit, and what options are available?
A: You need to update your manufacturing unit with the latest machines, if:
(i) your current equipment is unable to cope with the actual demand,
(ii) your current equipment isn’t as up-to-date as it should be.

Employing an outdated machine cleaNow, let’s discuss some frequently asked questions:rly indicates that the technology is redundant. With the new machines, you can expect to have lesser maintenance costs with improved quality. This will benefit not only your business, but also your end customers.

When it comes to the available options, it’s better to go with fully automated machines. Of course, you can think of semi-automated machines too, however, you may then have to look for labors too.

Q: What factors should I keep in mind when buying an automated machine for my manufacturing unit?
A: First things first, understand your current needs and determine what would be your requirements after five years or so. Look at the quality you’re getting in terms of design, function, and reliability.

Some factors that affect your pockets are:
Warranty of the machine
Servicing parts or maintenance
Need for replacement parts

Q: How should I budget for the packaging machine?
A: It indeed depends on the financial status and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. But, the key thing is to make notes on the current costs. These include security, labor cost, packaging waste, etc. Moreover, always keep the longevity factor in mind (basically, don’t just buy cheap machines).

These are just the three questions, if you want to know some more FAQs, just comment below and let us know.

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