Hackathons and Surprises

A very needed reflection when life doesn’t feel like it’s progressing

I haven’t updated in a while and I promise that it has been for a good reason. I was recently in a hackathon and designed ( literally did the ux and ui) an app that would essentially be an e-counselor but also peer to peer for teenagers. It allows them to be able to find volunteer events, ask questions that they don’t feel comfortable asking their parents or teachers and help them navigate their education to get ready for college. The best part of it , is that it will also help them build their résumé while maintaining all of their recommendation letters too. Essentially, it would be able to integrate with LinkedIn and it updates their information along with every activity and recommendation.

The second day into the hackathon, I received an invitation to go to the White House and I’ll be there next week. If I can, I promise to take some pics and talk about some of the things that happened.

I’m currently interviewing and while it has been a long road, I will say that it has given me:

  • time to wrap up projects
  • learn some new software
  • get sponsored by Facebook to go to Epicurrence
  • go to Collision in NOLA ( Thanks Revelry)
  • get a scholarship to go to the Layers Conference (Thanks Helena)
  • get a scholarship to Tech Talent South ( I feel as though knowing how to code even more makes me a better designer. It makes communication with the developers easier but also I have an idea of what can be done within a time frame and the constraints that can come with it. )
  • meet some amazing people
  • truly build CIS
  • did a design challenge for EA Games and passed
  • go to Cartoon Network
  • find my talent in cooking and photography
  • allowed me to create an app concept that is getting built
  • find my confidence in me being a designer
  • learned that some people have biases and unknowingly make a mistake by throwing out a resume just because it doesn’t have the amount of years you think it should. That doesn’t determine whether I can do a job or not
  • work on a game
  • completely design a brand for a startup
  • write for Site Point
  • asked to and more than likely will do a podcast for the UX Blog
  • do design challenges that made me a stronger designer even if I didn’t get the job
  • make a stronger and solid portfolio
  • go to the White House
  • find my inner strength to keep pushing even when I want to quit
  • find out what my limits are and what pushes me to my breaking point
  • hone my skills on how to hustle and have a backbone to make sure I survive even when being on the verge of being homeless
  • have faith in timing
  • grow my relationship with God
  • make me a better person.

So while it at times feels like I haven’t been progressing in this job search. I have grown quite a bit and I know that whichever company I end up at ( I’m keeping my faith for an offer from a couple) that it will be exactly where I’m supposed to be and it’ll continue my growth. Ultimately, that and diversity is what I look for in a company anyway.

Originally published at uxace.wordpress.com on August 15, 2016.

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