This is Not My Republican Party
Steve Skeldon

I don’t know what Republican party you belong to but the Republican party now with its hair on fire Is the Republican party of my lifetime starting with HUAC to John Birch Society to the paranoia of Nixon to Raygun trickle down (which was really funnel up) to the hypocritical Gingrich led rebellion to the Tea Party to the Romney 47% to the “You lied” State of the Union address to the utter, out loud and proud, pinch lipped disdain and willful obstructionism of McConnell, Boehner, Ryan and crew. That is your Republican party no matter how you ice it up and want to serve it for dinner. It is a shit sandwich for us all served daily. I believe actions speak even louder than words and the GOP minces neither in their disdain for the rest of us. Improbably, some Americans will continue to vote GOP. But you can only fool some of the people some of the time. You haven’t been able to fool me, an informed voter, ever. Stop apologizing and get in there and fix your party.

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