First things first

Today I was going back home around 8:30pm while listening to some heldeep radio podcasts -awwwesome music- when I met a guy from Nigeria.

First I asked him if he could speak spanish. -No-. Then I tried with english and french (I do not know any french, not really sure why I asked that). I was lucky with english. He seemed to be lost, so I tried to help him. First, collecting some information about where he wanted to go. Second, transmitting him the steps he needed to follow in order to reach his destination. After 5 minutes I gave up, realising that this guy was in the only rounded line of Madrid underground and he wasNotSure/didNotKnow where he was going.

I saw a woman -around 30 to 35 years old- sited, crying while cheking her phone. I thought about proposing her a beer, just sharing something, just talking, no dark intentions. Just to know her. Then I thought “if she goes down the train in the same station as me, I will do it”. She went down in Alfonso XII, not my station. FAIL. I regreted that at the same moment the doors of the train closed behind her.

Yesterday was the best day of my last year (exacly one year), emotionally talking about my academic and working life. In my mind, this was supposed to be a place to capture my tech/software/engineering ideas. FAIL. Four days ago I started working for a small startup as an iOS developper. I have some knowledge, not deep, but I think enough to build a great app. This is really exciting, it is not just about coding. Things are working again, restarting, moving, alive; and I am proud of that, and I feel so happy.

I am going to take my brother to bed, It is getting late. Maybe I try again to write a tech post in the upcoming days. We will see. I will see.