The Amsterdam Creative Entrepreneurs ( ACE) Collective is a peer-peer initiative celebrating brave people doing bold things in Amsterdam. On June 13, we held the third event in our new speaker series exploring the theme “Guts to Glory”.

To open the night, Lucy von Sturmer, Founder of The Humblebrag spoke about supporting creative entrepreneurs.

“As Robin Williams said ‘You only have one little spark of madness — you mustn’t lose it.’ I created ACE to bring together bold minds to create a safe space so we can collectively listen and learn. And foster that special spark of madness!”

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Semra Çelebi from the City of Amsterdam kicked off the night giving insights on the value of creative entrepreneurship to Amsterdam. She emphasized that creative entrepreneurs — “out of the box” thinkers — are an asset to the city as they spot gaps and see new solutions to pressing problems on diversity, sustainability and other pertinent topics that shape our city. …


Amsterdam Creative Entrepeneurs Collective

A collective of creative entrepreneurs in Amsterdam. Dinners, events and learning experiences. Just for fun,

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