Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset

Elder Scrolls Online is getting released and expanded again, in a new playable area of Tamriel for players to explore.

That region is the ancestral home of the High Elves a place known as Summerset.

Summerset will be yours to roam around when the expansion launches in June, but in the meantime here’s a quick primer on what players need to know before they step onto the sandy beaches of this newest update

Summerset is a region unlike any seen in elder scrolls before, but it isn’t technically the first time you’ve been able to visit.

As long as you played Elder Scrolls Arena, which was the very first game in the Elder Scrolls series released all the way back in 1994, back then Somerset looks incredibly like this and while other regions of Tamriel have been made thoroughly explorable, since then this is the first time since arena that the home of the High Elves will be featured in the game.

It looks like those elves have had the decorators in during that time because things are a lot less blocky these days.

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High elves also known as Altmer, are one of the main playable races throughout the Elder Scrolls series and the Summerset isles are their homeland.

These islands are made up of three chunks:

They’re Summerset, which is the main new explorable area Artaeum and Auridon to the east, which you can already visit in Elder Scrolls online.

The Summerset Isles are the oldest continuously lived in the region of Tamriel and it’s rumored to be where magic was born, which is just one possible reason for why high elves are so unbearably smug all the time another could be that they have great cheekbones.

We’d love to ask but frankly, the owner probably wouldn’t deign to discuss it with a puny human who they consider inferior.

Summerset is ruled by the young Queen Ayrenn, who’s responsible for founding the Aldmeri Dominion, which is one of the three playable factions in Elder Scrolls online.

Elder Scrolls Online Summerset

In the fiction of the game, this Dominion is an alliance between the Ultima the Bosma or wood elves and the Khajiit, set up because Ayrenn and others were worried about the terrible damage that younger races like the race of men could wreak.

How much you’ll see of Ayrenn in the Summerset expansion is a mystery running the Dominion, and having such great taste in pointy helmets is a full-time job so it’s likely we’ll have more dealings with the proxy Queen.

Elsewhere in Tamriel, Queen Ayrenn has opened up the gates to the normally closed off fantasy land of Summerset, a bit like Elsa does at the end of Disney’s frozen which is all the evidence we need to start fan theorizing that the Elder Scrolls and frozen are rooted in the same fictional world?

This expansion marks the first time in forever that foreigners have been allowed into Summerset, bearing in mind that Elder Scrolls online is set quite sometime before the events of Arena when as we mentioned, you could wander around at your leisure and what a region awaits any foreigners who do make the trip.

The delightfully named shimmering will be your first port of call.

A port town with dreaming spires and beautiful bridges, outside you’ll find lush fields bathed in sunshine although as we always say don’t let your countryside stroll be ruined by an eight-foot-long salamander.

Just along the coast, you’ll find a coral forest where tree sized shell embedded outcrops of Sandy coral are just begging to get on your Instagram feed.

Summerset looks like a paradise then, but there’s a darker side to the old mare home-world, as foreigners will soon discover the Queen might have declared Summerset’s open for business but not all of her subjects got the memo.

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As soon as you start exploring shimmering you’ll learn that there are influential Aldmer, who can’t stand the idea of people from other parts of Tamriel living and working alongside. to them one such have them slang you a meaning of unwelcome.

Were forcibly detained until their suitability for life in Summerset has been evaluated, unfortunately the lady should have spent less time on her elaborate eye makeup and more time considering the company she keeps, because her closed-minded attitude as this early quest reveals, left her vulnerable to being exploited by those who follow the Daedric princes of oblivion.

Having received power from the prince of bargains which suggests he’s made a deal with Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile, although presumably, that deal didn’t include immunity to fire, an oversight racial intolerance and sinister magic, mean that while somerset may look peaceful, danger lurks around every corner.

Summerset isn’t just home to the kind of powers that require bargaining with oblivion Princes, it’s also said to be the starting place of all magic in Tamriel and you’d be hard pushed to find a more magical spot than the Isle of Artaeum.

I mean unless you mean a more magical spot for a picnic because then would recommend these little stretches of beach whose house occluded, Artaeum is another newly explorable island in the Summerset expansion and is one with plenty of history.

This bizarre bit of land has been appearing and disappearing for hundreds of years and is said to exist outside of normal time and space.

At the time of the game has been out it just appeared again, presumably because there’s some supernatural trouble brewing we’d wager this distinct behavior is down to its residents Order who were the founders of magic in Tamriel.

Elder Scrolls Online Summerset

If you opted to join the Psijic order they’ll teach you time-bending spells like undo which is the power to set your health stamina & magicka back to how they were four seconds in the past.

Summerset is freaky and new in fact when you step ashore you’ll soon meet Elder Scrolls fan favorites.

I have been poking around making sure to find out how new arrivals are being treated, and other matters as well, but they appear to mostly involve perfecting this laid-back lean land.

Now you’re up to speed on Summerset — the newest expansion to Elder Scrolls online and some of the drama you can expect to see unfolding when you rock up on the Aldmeri homeland.

Originally published at Lonely Dark World.