Importance of Logos in Business and Branding

Running a business today requires a lot of strategic decisions, market alignment and lot of market understanding. You have to be extremely vigil while making any decision that will affect the name of your company or put its future at risk. To elevate a company’s presence, it is absolutely necessary to have a great logo for your business.

This not only helps in attaining cognizance among-st your audience but also accelerates branding for business / company.

So how do logos actually help a business to grow?

Builds trust- A logo is usually a mark of trust for a consumer. Once they see and start relating with that logo, it will always have a strong recall factor for them. For example- Nestle: they have been in existence for many years but even today people relate it to a brand they can trust. Similarly, when you see Amul, LIC, Kent Water, etc. Having a visually relatable and appealing logo will make people believe in your brand and company values.

Unique identity- You know that you are the not only ones in the market to provide a particular service or product line. So how do you stand out from the crowd? Having a unique logo or identity will help you stand out. A creative logo need not be a complicated one. Often times, the best ones are the simplest to read. Creating an out-of-the-box logo but one that resonates with your target audience in general will help you stand out.

Image Building- A great company logo helps to build the image of a company in the eyes of the consumer as well as stakeholders. There is a great deal of devotion needed to create a logo that will be synonymous to the brand. For example- the dog in Vodafone advert as well as the old couple who are so relatable with our parents or grandparents or the picture of an old man on KFC chain, etc. These are classic ways to build an image that will forever stay with the audience.

Sense of Ownership- A company logo is quite like our unique signature. Only you can do it and no one can copy it. It creates a sense of ownership amongst the company employees, audience and shareholders. It is a name that you can identify from anywhere. A unique and creative logo once created needs to be patented and no one has the right to copy it. Anything similar to the logo also may face legal repercussion. Hence it is a matter of ownership and pride.

Marketing strategy- To build a successful brand, it is important to have a great marketing and sales strategy in place. You cannot just randomly go out there are start talking about your brand. Every company needs time to grow and the more you advertise your logo and brand, the more recognition you get. An effective marketing strategy focuses on showcasing the company logo with its meaning, so that next time anyone sees it, your job is at least half-done.

There are plenty of reasons about having an excellent Logo; however, the crux of the matter is that every Brand can be recognized once the Logo is in place. On a parting note, although advertising spreads the message very fast, however, word of mouth is equally fast when it comes to brands with great logos. Create one that will leave a lasting impact on the minds of the consumers!