How to Plug your Leaks (or what to do when you’re tired)

I’ve been doing an activity that drains the hell out of me lately. Having done multiple experiments on myself that would make me sustain this task, below are some of the results (a.k.a. unsolicited advice) that might accidentally help you out as well.

First on the list, Take a break. Well, did you just click this article down for this? Yep. Most of the time, when we get tired and burned out, we try to figure out what’s causing it.

And the correct answer is — nothing

OK, Google: “What can you do to prevent burnout?”. In this case (rare as it might be), Google is not the right place to ask the question because the answer is simply nothing. Do nothing. Close that laptop. Hit the snooze button on your mind and just try to inhale oxygen for the next 5 minutes. Feel that air filling inside your lungs.

We’re living in a fast-paced society (well, I’m in the suburbs now so 0.75-paced, but still). It’s so fast that you ingest stimuli even you’re supposedly taking your breaks (I’m looking at you YouTube!). Take a break and actually stop everything. It’s a legitimate use of your time.

Play a tune. It can be singing, playing the guitar, maybe the percussion. Hear some music. When your body is exposed to music, it changes your pulse and respiration rates leading to inhibition of fatigue. Make sure to try to avoid the ones that make you want to shoot your neighbour, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Listen to someone. Notice it didn’t say talk? Normally people say you should talk to somebody when feeling blue and have them share your burden. While it has its own merits, talking to someone makes you feel like a victim (which you maybe but knowing that doesn’t get you out of the funk). Listening to someone puts you in a position of control, something you lose when you feel down and out. It makes you feel like an expert, digesting all the information and formulating hypotheses until the destined time that you’ll have to share your conclusion. Focus on listening and get into the groove. You may even get friendship points.

Good job, Christina!

Try them out and give me a shout of what works for you.

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