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Photo from Sebastian Frej/MB Media/Getty
Photo from Sebastian Frej/MB Media/Getty
Photo credit Sebastian Frej/MB Media/Getty

May 5th, 2014. A day, like many others in Liverpool’s 30 year wait for an English First Division title, that lives in the nightmares of every Red across the globe. Liverpool were 3–0 up in a game where a win would’ve breathed new life into a title challenge that was on life support after a traumatizing loss to Chelsea. What happened next was the death nell for that challenge, and the beginning of the end for what looked like a resurgent Liverpool side under Brendan Rodgers as the Reds drew 3–3.

So, after that awful night for everyone of a…

In the week since the release of Brockhampton’s fifth studio album, Ginger, a lot has been said of the record. Buzzwords in reviews for the LP include “Rebirth”, “Introspective” and “Maturity”, but it’s important to note that those things don’t come without challenges.

Released in the wake of allegations and the removal of Ameer Vann, the band’s previous release, Iridescence was a raw look inside the state of mind the members were in at that point in time. In the same sense, this record feels like a spiritual successor, with one major change: Perspective.

The boyband followed the Iridescence album…

2019 has been a huge year for Miami/LA based rapper Pe$o Pete. Since the turn of the year, Pete has spent the majority of his tracks experimenting with different flows and different styles, stepping away from his now signature screaming flow and getting out of his comfort zone, and the results of that are on full display on his newest release, Trouble In Paradise 3.

TIP3 features many of Pete’s frequent collaborators, such as Kezura, Token Black, Shofu and Louverture, while OmarCameUp and Oddwin have production credits on two songs each, with Wyt, Eskry and Fluss Vlone handling production on…

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