Who am I?

Born on February 26, 2002, I was my parent’s first child. 2 years later, another girl came along. 3 years after, another girl. 1 year after that, the 4th and final girl came. Family is so important to me. I have 3 sisters and 8 cousins all together, but there are many more people than that. My aunts, uncles, grandparents, even some “family members” that aren’t related to me.

Thankfully, I’ve never had anything tragic happen to my family. No one has died, no one has been in any accidents. This has brought me closer to my family-for the better.

Graphing My Life

Most Important Music

I was only a couple months old when I got a nanny. I went to her house every weekday from that day until I was about 6 or 7. Thats where I found my first friend. Her name was Madison and she was my nanny’s daughter. She was only a couple months older than I was and we were closer than close. I haven’t seen her in years, but I still have certain songs that remind me of her and are the most important to me. Nickelback’s ‘Far Away’ was our favorite song to listen to and is one of the many songs that I love.

Friday at 9:00 PM (8–26–16)

My friends and I went to the football game, but we usually hang out anyway.

Video-A Typical Moment

I really like nature and photography. This video is one that I took with my friend Luke because we both like nature photos and things like that.

People Who Inspire Me

Christina Barabric

This is my Auntie Christina. I admire her because she had Breast Cancer and Skin Cancer, but is completely healthy today. She is incredibly brace and strong because cancer is a terrible thing and to go through it twice-I can’t even imagine. I hope to be just as brave and strong as she is.

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This is Lin-Manuel Miranda. He wrote the popular musical Hamilton-which I happen to absolutely love. I admire him because he is so talented and creative. He wrote the whole musical, and then starred in it, while being the director. It is crazy how much work into it, but it really payed off. I hope to be even a little bit as creative and talented as him.

PC: https://www.emaze.com/@ACFTOWTR/Oprah-Winfrey

I know it may sound cheesy, since everyone loves Oprah, but she truly amazes me. She grew up in such a terrible position, but changed her fate and became this beautiful, wonderful woman today. She is so incredibly caring for her fans and anyone else. She is just so full of love and I hope to love as much as her.

Dream of Mine

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Ever since I was younger, I have wanted a tattoo. It has changed from a fairy, which is what I wanted back then, to this little heart on my middle finger. It doesn’t have much meaning yet, only that I have a lot of love for many people.

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