ACESO Network is beneficial to everyone involved, both regular users and cybersecurity specialists. For regular users, it’s cheap but effective security, for specialists — a way to earn substantial income by helping malware-infected users. It may be confusing at first as to how researchers and malware analysts earn tokens, and how much income will they actually get, but this report should make everything much clearer.

It is important to note that while certain skills are required, essentially anyone could become part of ACESO. The role of a researcher will be to provide malware samples, which he/she may encounter while browsing…

In case you are not very familiar with cryptocurrency mining, let’s first quickly define what it is. Essentially, mining is the process of adding transaction records to a blockchain, which is like a public ledger. Adding those transactions takes a lot of computing power, thus a lot of miners have to purchase special hardware to mine efficiently. However, unfortunately for regular users, cyber crooks have started creating malware that would use users’ computers for mining.

When a computer is infected with mining malware, it starts exhibiting certain symptoms. One of the first ones you would notice is the slowdown of…

WiperSoft anti-spyware ( a computer from such threats as browser hijackers, adware, unwanted toolbars and other potentially unwanted programs, also known as PUPs. The security tool was released in 2015, and was initially a free program. However, it got a complete makeover in 2016 and became a paid version. It came back with improved detection and removal functionalities, a re-created scan engine and a new design.

Currently, WiperSoft users are protected against 16 thousand different threats, which can take over browsers and change settings, cause ads to appear or lead to malicious websites, spy on users or allow other malware…

Besides the fact that 70% of malware threats go undetected, and cybercrimes will cost the world 6 trillion USD by 2021?

Yes, there is a reason besides those crazy stats. It’s evolution. Do you really think the current cyber market situation with all this institutional AV dominance will solve the problem? If they have not solved it in the past 5 years, how come they will solve it now?

It took 1 year for us to create antimalware software from scratch, and Blockchain helped us create the concept. This kind of pace is necessary in order to keep up…

What is an ICO exactly and who does them

Cryptocurrency ICO meaning

ICO meaning is Initial Coin Offering, or also known as a token sale. ICOs are generally hosted by start-ups doing blockchain projects. Doing an ICO event allows start-ups to get the funding they need to launch their projects. It’s somewhat similar to an IPO (Initial Public Offering), which you may be familiar with. An IPO is a term used when a company makes its stocks public, and those interested can buy them. The people or companies holding large amounts of stocks can influence how a company is managed and what actions are taken, as their purchased stocks…

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, a huge increase from the $3 trillion in 2015. Cyberattacks are the fastest growing crime in the U.S., and they are increasing in size, sophistication and cost.

There are two ways in which we will improve the situation:

1. By employing blockchain solutions to empower the community to help each other.
2. By lowering antimalware protection costs to 1$ per fix.

Our blockchain based model will allow the cyber-security community to help regular people in a more convenient way. …

We are ACESO Network, a user to user cyber threat intelligence platform, that offers a different approach to keeping computer users safe. We are the team behind WiperSoft, an anti-spyware software with more than a millions users worldwide. In the years we have been part of the cybersecurity industry, we have noticed that traditional means of keeping users secure are no longer enough, not with 1.5 million attacks every year, and 170 every hour. This is why the idea behind ACESO came into being.

Cyber Security Costs Too Much

ACESO’s primary aim is to decrease the expenses of protecting a computer from malware, while…

We have requested the Bank of Lithuania to analyse our token model to determine if the ASO token has the qualities of a security. The Bank of Lithuania has sent us an Opinion Provision that concludes that the ASO token is not a security. In the opinion of the Bank of Lithuania, ASO is a utility token.

Summary of the following important legal information regarding ACESO Network token and model of operation:

• ACESO Network is unique in its approach to its upcoming token sale because it is one of the few token sales to receive official legal approval from…


ACESO offers a totally new model for user behavior, by changing the cyber security market into advanced innovative solutions.

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