Starting from the bottom

Reading through newspapers and online articles, it’s easy to come across that one entry about successfully accomplished people who knew exactly where they were going in life, succeeding in that one true passion, making maybe thousands or even millions of dollars. What about the rest of the population that have many deep passions that they want to make a living off of but can’t seem to get it off the ground? Or even settle on which passion to focus on. Which leaves the lost soul running circles hoping to succeed at one of the many areas they want to get lifted off the ground…

I was one of them, undecided on which passion to follow.

Drawing has been a huge part of my being, far back as I could possibly remember. My drawings turned into a love of tattooing.

Not long after gathering all that was needed to create beautiful, life long skin art & creating a small but wide range of artwork which started creating my tasteful, talented portfolio.

Computer programming ….

Growing up in the 90’s when technology was really making its big break into almost every household across the Western world, it was only a matter of time before the interest made its ever lasting mark on me. I wanted to know everything possible. How to take apart then rebuild computers. The knowledge of creating websites. I wanted to know everything humanly possible about this big metal box my parents brought into our home. Needless to say, the interest stayed all throughout school. once out of high school, I enrolled in a few different courses teaching how to write in java, c#, c++, Python and so on… personally my favorite language was and still is C# …. Another course was learning and earning certificates for ComptiA A+, CCNA & cisco. Upon graduating, I was given a few job offerings. My favorite being from Grant Thornton. Somehow, achieving this and the dream job I had always thought I wanted, a part of me was pulling away. Pulling towards the art of graffiti and hand lettering.

Lost in thought…

When you find that you are artistic, it seems, for me anyway, that you can find art in more than just drawing. Hitting my early 20’s, I had always wanted to try my hand at writing novels. The urge to write was very present in my thoughts, so again I put a halt to everything I was doing to write. Being more difficult than I realized. Writers block came rather easily and quickly…

Finally, clothing is yet again a dream of mine. To create, design clothing that is sent out into the world for all to wear is such an amazing over whelming feeling. Of course I have done the research on how to get my brand off paper and into the stores, dressers, closets of everyone, worldwide! Sadly it has taken me so long to figure out which direction I want to go but better late than never, as that saying goes.

Its only the beginning & lots more to come. Never give up!


-Hurricane Ace-