“What goes into building a international payments service like Paypal?”

Ace Subido
Mar 26 · 9 min read

Why does Paypal still exist?

They nearly charge 5% of the transaction on an average. Sometimes it’s more than the wire transfer charges. There has been always this promise of low cost international transactions but no one seems to dethrone Paypal (or is it just my bias? ).

What goes into building a international payments service like Paypal?

As a User,
I can make a Withdrawal from my balance, by choosing NGN, a NGN bank to payout to, by filling in the amount and bank account details.
So that I can withdraw the payments I received from the app.

The Treasury Work

The Legal Work


Ace Subido

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Father. Husband. Likes video games. Software Engineer @ Bloom Solutions. I like writing notes to myself.

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