Yeah, Godaddy auctioned our personal domains

TL;DR credit card expired with Godaddy. Godaddy auctioned and my wife’s

Ace Subido
Jun 2 · 1 min read

Oh well, the situation sucked, a domain name that I kept for a decade, auctioned off just like that. I didn’t keep tabs on such an asset. Luckily my email addresses and inbox contained nothing that important.

My wife’s, also held for a decade, was auctioned off too. That one is more important, she used the gmail quite professionally in her career as a photographer.

You could say that Godaddy has all the legal right to enforce these things since we did sign up and agree to the way the run things. But it doesn’t mean it’s ethical. I regretted belittling all the warning signs on how they run their DNS business, it sucks now that I got to experience the consequences first hand.

I’ve now moved everything over to, my wife got jaded and just bought

With this experience, I’ve currently moved the domains of my wife’s and my parent’s family business to, and I am loving it. Try it too! The 5USD/month is worth it!

Ace Subido

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Father. Husband. Likes video games. Software Engineer @ Bloom Solutions. I like writing notes to myself.

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