Patients don’t take their meds !

Medication adherence is only 50%

Research studies show Medication Adherence is on average 50 % ! In other words, when a patient takes a pill, he will probably forget the next one. But, dear doctor, is medication adherence a serious issue ?

Medication adherence is only 50%

Medication is often prescribed in order to keep certain vital signs within a given range.

For instance, for blood pressure, more than 90 over 60 (90/60) and less than 120 over 80 (120/80) is considered an ideal and healthy reading

What happens when you miss ?

In the following graph, you can see what may happen when you miss a pill that is supposed to regulate (reduce) high blood pressure.

What happens when you miss ?
Mis-medication produces 10% of all hospitalizations

Even though medication mismanagement produces 10% of all hospitalizations in western countries, oftentimes, the patient does not realize how bad this problem is and he only realizes once he has been admitted at the hospital.

Best doctors have a medication adherence plan ! Do you have one ?

Nowadays, doctors and patients have access to inexpensive tools and awesome smartphone apps that help them remember and monitor their treatments.

So let’s build your own medication adherence plan :

  1. Invite patients to download a medication adherence app (Pilly medication adherence motivational iPhone/iPad app)

2. Encorage patients to discover, monitor and improve their adherence rate

3. Improve your overall clinic / cabinet adherence goals and average rates

4. Measure the health outcome of better adherence rate

And that’s it ! You now have your own medication adherence plan. Let’s raise your medication adherence rate !

Pilly is an iPhone / iPad medication adherence app

Shall you be interested in additional information about the medication process improvement techniques, please do not hesitate to contact us through the Pilly website contact form, Twitter or Facebook page.