Our First Kiss — More Than A Feeling

OK, it's Mothers Day, I'm reading engine manuals in tub at 3am, Boston, 'More Than A Feeling' is jammin', secret (I need break!):

Our 'First Song was' More Than A Feeling, playing during our 'first attempt' at 'Lovemaking', she turned 15, I'll always be Sweet 16, as she was first girl I knew, that I had ever loved so much! 40 years now.

So funny, took me 3 months, asking every day, 'Will you go to lunch with me today?' This girl enjoyed her no, torturing me in a cooking class, I took to meet girls! Show off my Cajun 'chef' skills! She kept saying no till Christmas break. Like 90 times! I asked every day, did not miss one!

So, after Christmas break, I created a farce that I was together with another girl, operation 'gross Ramoma'. I started bringing Deidre from my geometry class, she was diminutive, with long hair just like my intended victim. I made out with Deidre passionately as 'She, Special Ops, Target A1', passed feet away from door, disgustingly avoiding us. Added skill-set for Deidre (not kissing, spy work is hard!) was that her friend Ramona followed us close, everywhere! I could feel her breathing as we French-kissed! She 'called' it, like an announcer! I'm not making this up, So Cal 1976, injured football star turns 'rock star', does 1000 person keg parties!

Ramona grossed me out. Target A1 was horrified as intended, extremely angry. I started bringing up 4 hot-hot-hot chicks at a time, to dance with me on my rock stage, illegal acts occurred. I was a bad, very bad, boy, OK. Would Target A1 go near 'mosh area' land, to get on stage with me, no way! 'Grow Up When?' was her point.

So, on 3rd Deidre attempt, she said yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Makes me cry, I needed a yes, so bad. Wanted her to marry me, already! I was so poor, we walked to Lil'Abner, local grease joint, and had 'fry basket' (enough for 2 for 50 cents, and splurged, a Coke too!) For the first time, I looked deeper into her brown eyes! More than magic, crazy passion magic!

Stay with me, not making this up, tell story every Mothers Day: when I dropped her off we were 'tardy'. The first kiss was coming! Her class had a glass window, but class back was toward us, quick bye, till lunch tomorrow was all I needed!

I kissed her, and couldn't stop that easy, but kept it, 'friendly'. Her class had back to us, but not teacher!! He had class stand and give ovation!! You can ask her side, she was mortified, standing ovation for kiss, with boy in six-inch-high-alligator-platform shoes (making me as tall as, Kiss 6'6"!) she is 5'3", ha!

Now she had to walk in to class! I flew, six feet, not six inches back to my stupid pottery class! Didn't stop flying, yet! Two weekdays in, I told her we'd be married, and she would see the world! Funny! Rock'n'roll world tour is what I promised, she didn't want that. She wanted a family!

We compromised, I was a 'public speaker', in nearly 30 countries, and she came with me to 12 best countries! 20th Anniversary in Paris, 21 Maui, 25 Yellowstone, 23 Vientiane, Laos! We saw the world, just not like I thought.

But the first time I was absolutely sure, was when Boston played 'More Than A Feeling' and I explained how those lyrics were my heart (I was desperate, after 5 months, I couldn't wait, any longer, she was a 'Witchy Woman, to me!)


Excuse me, not sexual (although c' Mon, first 'real' try, for home plate, both of us, bad stuff had happened, finished now).

We were so intimate, I couldn’t describe it, for weeks, my head was in clouds! We quickly were exceptional in the current skills! But making each other sky-high-happy, to our favorite 'hot rock’, Foghat, Slow Ride’, wasn’t everything, it was a lot though! Bad boy, really good, bad girl? Life was an awesome California rock song!

Five years later, she dumped an anarchist. I begged, took her to Holiday Inn (view of San Fran, next to pointed Transamerica building! To Lawry’s for Prime Rib in Beverly Hills (yes, Lawry’s seasoning salt is used on world-famous prime rib).

She didn’t care about that, it was rock’n’roll or Mrs Perfect California (I let a few of best punk-girls try to 'get' me, I don’t remember first kisses, to be way to honest, because it was more like, first fellatio, it was painful, so painful, I hated myself !)

I quit a very promising band, recording in East Palo Alton, and I picked California Girl. 'More Than A Feeling' 40 years later! I choose her easily, every day now.

Romance for Mothers Day, sure. Play your 'first song', see what happens!