Self-Driving Cars and Diversity
David Silver

I applaud David Silver in thinking about diversity of among the student body. If we just think about women in this Udacity course, there is only 59 women (self-reported) out of a 6765 members in the Slack group, that’s 0.8% of all people who are interested in this course. Is this a problem? I think so.

How to get more women interested? If everyone in the Slack group reach out to a woman colleague (or anyone who has a minority representation in engineering), post in their LinkedIn, Twitter or other professional networks, it will at least make it known that women/minorities are encouraged, sought after in this industry. I bet this would make a difference. Tell them that there’s even a special Slack channel dedicated to women engineers.

Change is monolithically slow so keep your out-reach and support programs in place. We’re coming!