Hillary Jumped the Shark and I am Jumping Ship

Everyone gets it. Trump is vile. We know. There is no need for the constant barrage of vulgarity masquerading as breaking news. But setting up a shit screen every time Wiki leaks something is not taking the high ground. When I reluctantly decided to vote for Hillary after the first debate, I had hoped she was ready to talk about issues that matter, that she was prepared to leave theatrics behind. But, then came the second debate. Where Clinton dodged every question and invoked Michelle Obama’s high ground with clenched teeth. The creepy, dark debate where she played with camera angles. (Didn’t anyone else see The Good Wife, Season 4, Episode 15? The Clinton campaign surely did.)

Here’s how to go high when you really have no moral ground. You move to the issues. What does the next president intend to do about Yemen? How did Yemen end up firing missiles at U.S. ships in the first place? How’s that decades long war going over there, really? And domestically, what’s the deal with Standing Rock?

The only person who ever seemed to delve into what matters was Bernie Sanders. When he said he didn’t want to hear about the emails, that was the high ground. That was moving the narrative into content that the American people care about.

Let’s not kid ourselves, Clinton is calling the shots here. Secretary Clinton has the power to shift the narrative if she so chooses. She can stop emphasizing Trump’s deplorable behavior and start talking about workplace safety and ending the wage gap. She can outline a plan for ensuring that rape kits are processed and the accused are bought to justice. She can discuss human trafficking and her plans to protect vulnerable child refugees. She can discuss affordable childcare. She can address the leaks directly. She can use her political acumen to spin her dual persona into an asset. But, she’s going low. And when she does talk about her stance and her plans, I still don’t believe her. It comes across as talk. Mainly because her actions show that she goes low. The reason her opponent respects her fight is because she fights dirty.

Her admission to nothing and her denial of everything has become her standard operating procedure. I can grudgingly accept that. It’s a common enough political play. But her counter-accusations have reached a saturation point. She’s jumped the shark and I am jumping that stinking ship. I don’t want four years of defensive lies and brutal accusations. Of course, I don’t want four years of a blonde puppet and an oily, ultra-right-wing puppeteer either. Ultimately I don’t want a democracy that begins to accept election seasons like this one. By voting for a major party candidate, then I am condoning this election’s antics. I am saying that this kind of politicking is okay. It is not okay.

Until Clinton starts using her position to elevate the discourse, and to truly elevate and make this election relevant to the lives of U.S. citizens, then I am writing in Bernie Sanders.

UPDATE: I voted for Hillary. I voted for Hillary because this thing was going south. Friends’ kids were getting bothered at school. In the end, I voted for her for the sake of the kids and because the man I wanted to vote for advised strongly to vote for Hillary. I did my job.