Only White People Can Stop White-on-White Crime

Our current leader has spent time tweeting about “rocket man” and positioning himself as a man whom terrorists should fear. But while he is attending to his office, and playing golf, he is losing sight of what he, as a white man, can do for his own people.

It’s one thing to travel and tour throughout the Midwest, but what has the president done to address white-on-white crime?

Since he has taken office, there have been numerous white-on-white shootings. Steve Hight,a 32 year-old white male, killed eight Caucasian people in Plano, Texas during a football watch party last month. Only a few weeks prior to that 40 year-old white male Mark Short of Pennsylvania killed his three children, wife and their dog. All but the dog were Caucasian. More recently in Rockford, Washington a white male student killed one classmate and injured two more. All victims were white.

Aside from losing his voting base by homicide, the president could lose his office when gun owners vote him out. He is in a bind. This is when his true leadership must reveal itself. He must do something, or else his legacy will be like that of Barack Obama, a president who was frequently accused of neglecting the problems faced by his own community. Will president #45 step up for his own? Or perhaps there are fine people on both sides of white-on-white crime and he will simply do nothing.

After the latest shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, local Jessica Perez left the safety of her home to bring water and provide emotional support to the victims. Perez, a U.S. citizen, did what she could but in the end white people can’t depend on Latinas or others to get out of this situation. We must help ourselves and stop shooting each other. If our president can’t do it then we must do it ourselves and stop waiting for other people to help us.