Competition is getting increased globally among all types of industry verticals which directly forces organizations to strive hard for having a stable niche in the market. For this, verticals also have to adopt new and modern technology to make them aware about innovations are done in the market. …

Besides having generic modules such as lead management, sales, despatch & invoice, inventory, HR/Payroll, financial accounting, our ERP for labs has following two seamlessly integrated modules. Our client has the option to install the ERP on their premises or if required it can be hosted on a cloud server provided…

ACGIL !! Your Complete ERP partner !!!!

Online ERP Softwares are computer programs with which the resources such as money, stocks, people and machines of an organization can be planned (managed).

ERP Solutions

These softwares are also called backbone systems because they are the backbone of companies. In these systems the financial…

ACG Infotech Limited

ACG Infotech Limited is a leading brand in the field of Online ERP and CRM Development since 1993. Check for more details :

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