The most Happiest person in the world is Kids

I has travelling from Chennai to Coimbatore which is southern part of India for friend marriage. I was going by train. I was seated near the family , a kid was there may be 5 or 6 years old.

During the train journey they sell a lot of things like food, cool drinks, Tea, coffee,items for the kids etc. The items they sell for the kids, the person is used to make noise. The kid is used to see those items, every time the seller was going.

The father bought an playing item for the kid. The kid face is filled with lot of happiness. The happiness that was shown in the face of kid was great. At that point of time, I thought i bought so many (small) items in my life for me. But, I have not felt that much happy.

Is this because of the innocence of kid make this much happy or by age we are mature enough to understand the things and we react according to it. At that point of time, I thought i should be kid, enjoying for everything in life without even knowing about it. One more thing, I noted was we need to be happy for the things we buy.

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