Why do we want to control everything in companies?

A philosophical question that could change yours …

Companies try to control everything, control people, control processes, control finances, control marketing, control sources of information, control communication, control, control, control …

Control gives the false impression of mastery

Because we assume that if we do not control things they will go in all directions. This is unacceptable to us.

Work without control

The question I have is, what if we stopped controlling the employees and gave them clear directions. what if we told them what was our goal. In enterprise x, is to sell blabla because we believe that “abc” can solve a problem / satisfy a need.

  • The financial department has to alarm others when expenses exceed incomes.
  • The marketing department has to make sure that our message arrives at the ears / eyes of our customers
  • Of course he production factory has to make sure that the quality is there so that our customer finds the product excellent
  • Those who take care of other things in the company: do you have any ideas on how to improve your work?

Nature as an example

When we stop controlling people, processes and everything else. Things are done “naturally”. Nature was not born with rules and processes imposed by others. No, nature adapts.
A tree that grows in the middle of a meadow without being planted by men has already shown that it had enough to survive. This tree will create shade as it grows. This shadow unfortunately will prevent the grass from growing. “Oh my god Catastrophe we have to control that,” say the good manager. But imagine if you are a business that let the tree grow and who says that the purpose of the tree is to grow as high as possible and to create shade for others. Few years later you can sit under this tree and enjoy a warm summer with your friends.

The tree represents employees in companies.

Why then control everything?

Control is fear. The fear that things escape us but they do. Did things happen exactly as you wanted? Whenever you said that you wanted it? In general, no. Because it’s hard to express what you want. We are very good to say: I like that / I do not like that. On the other hand, it is very hard to express our final goal. Because we do not think about it. We do not ask the following questions:

Why am I here?
What am I doing on this earth?
What is my purpose?

So you’re going to tell me that it is too much philosophy for a company. I say it is missing. There are not enough basic questions asked. I’m fed up with companies that say they are good and who treat their employees like crap, their clients like the morons and the rest of the world like Consumers. I’m not the only one who gets fed up with it. I think that’s a general feeling . But we do not know what to do.

What can we do other than to control? What can you do?

What if we learned how to let go?
Say where we want to go. Fixing our vision in the distance. Where do we want to go? Things come up together. Because ideas come to us and we talk about our purpose to others. Do you want to help me? The person who believes in the same things as you, will answer yes. Besides, I have an idea too. Making businesses healthier. Coming with me?

And you, aren’t you upset too?