Trump’s America, Day 1
SF Ali

This should be a wake up call to where liberal socialist thinking has no residence and gives way to communism, feminism and eventually dictatorship. Even a Republic can not hold ground. Democracy, both democrats and republicans can distill fascism.

I would have to say that with the election with Hillary and Trump, we can see that pay to play should not be a question and that we can see the ends of capitalism becoming frayed. I also believe even if we did wait until 2018 to break the Constitution for California to become a Republic, the rest of the States is not in California.

By the way I am pro economic individualism. Which, is the a misnomer for capitalism. I believe Trump radicalism, is an individualistic promoting individualism. There is not much written on economic individualism except a reference to the quite radical free market , but it has to do with socialism making it too easy for everyone, which I believe opens the door for communism, feminism and eventual dictatorship like in most Republics. So liberals decide to rely on collectivism to escape the parasite, leaving others like me who must rely on baby economics to survive. But unlike me, I’m left with only to identify the parasite because I can not have children. And I have yet to do that but believe it is AR/VR/MR the way it is, so I have therefore set out to follow my intentional sensual luxury and create ‘Intentional Reality’, hopefully with Holofilms. But the parasite might be too great that even they don’t get back to me.

I’m an economic individualist pro economic individualism. I’m worth millions in my own ‘words.’ When liberal snowflakes finally decide to pay me, it will probably be when the carpet of capitalism has completed frayed and you will once again pick it up and see the grand wood floor beneath that held it up.

SF, what does your PERENNIAL MILLENNIAL self say to that as I am 37 without kids and was very proud to have had a drink in 2001 with the Sacagawea $1, while watching NY on the TV outside in the cold valeting cars by myself. Make Millennials Great Again™, I’m supposed to laugh right?