The intrigues of understanding — and the ETCA

On the 27th (Jan, 2016), I was at a meeting of IT professionals aimed to clarify to us what this CEPA/ETCA thing is. We were privileged to see a panel of distinguished persons take stage and carry out a sort of interactive panel discussion.

We saw how Dr. Sanjiva from WS02 give a very fare assessment and clearly stating that he had no issue in recruiting 200 odd local software professionals during the last two years in response to a question which was did he find a dearth of such persons locally. So he pretty much made it clear that a globally renowned company had no issue in recruiting top minds to work on world class software from the local talent pool. And to another question, which was do you think ETCA would be good for Sri Lanka and free movement, he very simply and clearly stated: 
a) if great SW engineers come it would be really good and they are welcome
b) if the pretty much unemployable (in INDIA) masses who would do jobs for a meal or so would come, it would affect the industry, the world view of SL IT and also create massive unemployment issues for locals. (The CSSL videos of the event would be up soon and Ill link to them here so you can refer for your self).

His point was then that since the Indian high end of the technical grade was relatively much better paid than our counterparts in SL, they were not likely to come down here. They had better prospects in the developed world.

Yet I was surprised today to see a person, X we’ll call him throw out a huge barrage by mis-interpreting Sanjivas words. All the while for me, Sanjiva was a voice of reason and as high intellects usually are, was not biased but showing his disapproval of the current method the government has adopted since it is all under wraps. Following are some of this persons post excerpts.

Excerpt from :

In any case what I have done here is to show how people, even generally very educated and/or intelligent people could interpret words and actions as many things. Also we should learn to construct ideas by interpreting more than one facet or one statement but all of them in some situations. Perhaps Mr. X is right and I am wrong. Perhaps :)