Debunking the imagery of the “Irish slaves” meme
Liam Hogan

Thank you for pointing out these discrepancies. Most of these memes are glaringly false. Yes, black people were treated horribly by being enslaved in this country. But not only by America, but by other European nations. It is, however, historically accurate that white people were enslaved. Maybe not in America, but by others. The Barbary Pirates, Ottoman Turks, Apaches, and Comanches (of which I’m descended from) kidnapped women, young boys, and girls for harem use and servitude.

The ancestors of many white people didn’t arrived until after the Civil War. So not every white person is descended from a slave owner. In a few decades those who participated in the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s (either for or against) will be gone. I teach my children to respect everyone for who they are. I teach them not to blame a group of people for the wrong actions of their ancestors (e.g. Germany). At some point we’ve got to look in the mirror and decide we’re only responsible for here and now. History is just that: history. We learn. We move forward.

Today — here and now — slavery exists in the form of human trafficking. This affects both genders, and all races. That’s where the next fight against slavery lies.

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