Carmelo Anthony’s Digital Brand

Carmelo Anthony is best known for being a basketball player. He was formerly a member of the Denver Nuggets, but is currently playing for the New York Knicks. Throughout his career he made many achievements such as being a member of the All-Star team multiple times, as well as playing for Team USA in the Olympics.

But what people might not know is that he is now developing his own company to expand his brand. His company isn’t basketball related, or even sports related like many would think. His company is a technology company called Melo 7 Tech, which is a company that invests in start-up companies.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television (link below), Anthony talks about he came up with Melo 7 Tech and how it had started, as well as sharing some lessons he learned when expanding his brand.

It all started because he described himself as a person who is passionate about technology, and wanted to brand himself as the digital athlete since no one in the NBA branded themselves as that. The decision to start his company in New York City came from growing up there as well as when he started to play for the Knicks. Additionally, Melo 7 Tech started in New York City because he already had business opportunities built and established here, and if he were to move, he would have to start over.

Being in the NBA for almost 15 years, Anthony has seen and learned a lot about branding. One of the first and maybe the most important thing he learned about branding is to set up your brand early because the years will go by extremely fast. This was taught to Anthony by the individuals he looked up to or in other words whoever was considered as veterans during that time. This was due to the fact that teams put pressure on their athletes to create and build their own brand by themselves.

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