Inside the Social Media Skills Gap

Social media is somewhat new in today’s society. It didn’t always exist, and when it started to grow many people were hesitant about it. But after some time and it started to grow, it became something bigger than everyone had expected.

Today, about 90% of United States companies are currently using social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, which has an estimated value of $1.3 trillion that stands to remain unlocked. Additionally, many have the idea of “who needs to be trained in social media?” But as a result, billions of dollars will continue to be unlocked due to missed opportunities if the skills gap stays the way it does.

To close the social media skills gap, social media courses are being added into university programs of all majors. Over 400 universities are helping close the gap, which translates into about 30,000 students. This will definitely take some time for all universities to take part in this obstacle, but it will get there.

Additionally, just having social media is important because it can help out with numerous things. For example, you can get the news and learn what friends and family are doing. It can also help with businesses because it can streamline customer service, increase sales, and just help build the employee brand.