Ohio State and Clemson Competing in Social Media

The 2016 Fiesta Bowl was between Ohio State and Clemson University, but that wasn’t the only thing they were competing against each other in. Both universities were also competing on social media. They were competing in social media because they are using it as part of their recruiting process for prospective athletes, fans, and audience members. Using social media would definitely help this goal both universities have because it will create creative content such as graphics and videos to catch the attention of recruits. Clemson added $167,000 annually to the payroll for its creative content in the football program, while Ohio added $100,000. This is a significant amount of money for any university to spend just on social media recruitment alone. But it shows that both Clemson and Ohio are serious about using social media to expand.

For example, Jordan Sorrells, the program coordinator of football recruiting communications at Clemson, has a mission for their recruiting office. That mission is to have the recruiting office their coaches recruit effectively and efficiently as possible. Additionally, it was noticed that the Clemson football program equipment Twitter had more followers than the actual football program. After Clemson realized this, they learned that fans want to see more of what’s behind-the-scenes. Adjusting to what the fans want is an important step as well, especially when recruiting because it shows the audience that they are listening to what is wanted.

On the other hand, Ohio State’s Director of New and Creative Media, Zach Swartz, has a job of capturing moments, telling stories, and giving recruits and fans a daily behind the scenes peek at the Buckeyes. Swartz is more focused on this task and just putting the content fans want out there rather than making the program look good. The mindset that Swartz has just goes to show how they are dedicated in using social media, and using it in a way to help the program grow.