Reflections: Week 1, Day 1

Snoozed my alarm thrice this morning and finally got up to start my day as a part of UXDI4, now known as “The Internship” (“Baby Unicorns” holds a special place in my heart).

We covered “Intro to UX” today and I got to know my fellow interns much better. It is not my style to make first introductions and open up to people easily but everyone is so friendly and that makes it a lot better. Most people don’t see the internal struggle, but I made a promise to myself to try harder and step out of my comfort zone and just approach everything with an open mind. So far so good.

Today’s Practice Activity

We were asked to re-designed our neighbour’s bag (my neighbour was Dom). My key takeaway would probably be to ask the right questions and leave no questions unturned. I found myself going back to Dom from time to time, even during the design process, to gather more information to see what else I could do for her.

Not really efficient but there was something compelling me to make sure I do not miss anything out. However, this leads to suggestions for additional functions which may not be even necessary in the first place. Potential featuritis.

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