I feel like I am living in an alternate reality.

Saugat Acharya

Unobtrusive Thoughts #9 — Aug 28, 2019

I feel like I am living in an alternate reality. For some reason, the real me thinks that this life is not real. The current me believes that this is not the place I should be in. The place I should be is far away from here and maybe much closer to my love. I don’t know, I feel it very often. Possibly my work should be far away from here. Perhaps everything I should be doing should be away from this place. Part of the reason that I am always lost is that my mind is wandering — wandering in a place far away from where my reality is. Maybe this is because of lost love. Maybe this is because I want to live alone. Maybe this is because I don’t like how I am living at the moment.

Maybe …

Saugat Acharya

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The best part of me is you. ❤️

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