Book #17 — The Four Legendary Kingdoms

a book bought on a trip

I must be honest, the book I actually bought on a trip was The Five Greatest Warriors. And in the end, I was left wanting for more and this was way back in 2012. When it comes to Matthew Reilly, all his books have left me thirsting for the next one. So when I was trying to fill in the blanks in the Pop Sugar reading challenge for some of the obscure descriptions, I picked the newest addition to the Jack West Jr. instalment. Imagine my glee when I realised I get to read the next book in the series after 5 long years.

Revolving around challenges that Jack West Jr, has to face in order to save the world, these four books have brought to life so many legends in a modern context. He is part of a multi national team of soldiers that combats armies, mercenaries, megalomaniacs and completes missions in the most time sensitive as well as charged environments. Honestly, these words of mine are not even doing justice to the brilliance of Matthew Reilly.

He has the most complex plots, interesting characters and insane amount of research that has gone into writing these books. The scale of some the things he describes is so immense that even the accompanying maps are not enough.

Now, the book in hand, The Four Legendary Kingdoms, is exciting as the others. Although, I was surprised that Reilly kept this book shorter than his usual. But he did manage to package the right amount of suspense, intrigue and action.

And then there is the surprise that literally comes out of nowhere. Reilly fans, if you are reading this and are yet to read the book it is going to leave you gobsmacked.

Go on grab that book or download it now to your Kindle because it is one fast read. Literally took me just 4 hours to finish and like I said before, can’t wait to read more from Matthew Reilly.

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