Book #3 The Alchemist

Theme — A book involving travel

The master story Paulo Coelho has woven a story of such depth in a simplicity that can only be captured by him.

I had heard a lot of good things spoken about his books, especially this book that I was very keen to start reading it. The moment I began, the pages started flying. The ease with which he writes translates into a style that is so fluid that you don’t realise how much of the book you have written.

At times, I confess I did wonder what was so good about the book? What was the hype all about? But then I realised, the kind of subjects he has chased in this book, like self belief, persistence, hard work, faith, tolerance, it is unlikely any other author could have written it the same way.

Also, the one thing I will always remember from this book, is the need to have a personal legend. The perseverance with which the protagonist follows up on his personal legend is a lesson about intentional goals and mindfulness. The single minded focus he has about reaching Egypt or the village where he meets the first girl he falls in love with. Or the friendship he had with desert or the jewellery shop owner.

And what is my personal legend you ask? I shall tell you at the end of this year!!

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