Book #4 – A Dog’s Purpose

Theme — A book which will be made into a movie in 2017.

Have you ever read a book that has moved you so much that you cried for the last 70 pages or so? When I say cried, I meant sobbed, uncontrollably.

The first time I ever read a book that moved me was The Black Beauty. I was a sprightly 10 year old, testing different books in my small community library. Always reading comics or Enid Blytons. So for me, books meant happy endings.

So the day my English teacher at school started a lesson with the title Black Beauty I was intrigued. A story of a horse being told by the horse himself. And when the lesson ended in 4 pages I realised I had just dipped my toes into his life. And so that evening I took it upon myself to find it in my library. And as luck would have it, it was waiting for me, right there on the top shelf.

That book taught me about pain and growing up and loneliness and hard work. Desperation and story telling. It was a hard read for a 10 year old, to discover the world also had that stories could make you sad and frustrated. But I puttered on and managed to finish it. At the end I was heavy hearted that such a beautiful horse could meet an end as that.

In the years so far I have read other books that have moved me or given me nightmares. But no book has ever managed to make me sob. Sob out of love and affection and sadness, as much as this book has.

From the first page, Bailey or Buddy or Ellie, whoever the dog was had me hooked to his big heart, adventurous soul and his melting narrative. I fell in love with Bailey. Any dog, if I ever own one will be loved as much as I can possibly contain in my heart.

Thank you buddy for being there on those few lonely nights. You gave me the comfort I yearned as well as the courage to shed those tears and accept what I am.

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