Book #7 — The Hunt for Red October

Theme — A book with a month in the title.

I have read thrillers and I have read thrillers. Thrillers may even be my favourite genre ever to read. All the Clive Cussler books are my favourites. Ok, I may have just dropped a couple of notches in the snooty literary world-meter. But who cares. A girl loves her Dirk Pitt.

I am a newbie when it comes to Tom Clancy books. And since I have started this challenge, I tried my best to steer away from my usual haunt of thriller and suspense with the one hero who saves the day kind of books. So when I had to look at this theme, I came across this story of a rogue Russian sub and it interested me. Set in the post Cold War and healing Soviet American ties, it seemed a far and distant time from 2017. It definitely did spout a lot of detailed and technical concepts about sound, sonar, radar, submarine classes, the workings of nuclear reactor etc etc.. Anymore of it and I could have turned into a submariner myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no air head, but when it I’m on the edge of my seat, hanging on to my kindle at 1 AM with bleary eyes, I really don’t want to go into detail of how the reactor reacts. I want to know what happens next. But got to credit Clancy for his attention to detail. Having written for U.S Naval Institute he knew what he was getting his reader into. It is for a discerning naval fanatic.

The hook for me, was the most interesting character in this book, the anti-hero Marko Alexandrovich Ramius. And as I am to understand, the legendary Sean Connery has played this character in the movie of same name. Let me tell you, Marko is just legend. His story is heart breaking, yet this beguiling character is just so stellar, his personality has so many doors in it, you can get lost in all those passages in the corridors of his very complicated mind. A top notch naval officer and commander, a dedicated member of the Party and yet he fights against the gag of Communism in his own silent way.

I would say I was appraised of naval war fare sufficiently. Although, it didn’t keep me very attentive and lost myself in the technicalities many times. I had to pull myself back into the book frequently and the plot line would suddenly come swinging back with a vengeance and keep me hooked. The heroism of it all was lost on me, but it definitely has opened up the world of submarines for me (not the SUBWAY kinds for sure).