Should You Take The Electric Plunge?

Why People Are Buying Electric Cars

Now that people are starting to be more and more conscious about their environmental effects on the world they are starting to take bigger leaps into “eco friendly” trends. One of those bigger trends being buying electric cars. Even though electric cars have been around for awhile now. They are only seeing a boom in sales in recent years because car manufacturers are making them more appealing, available and affordable. One article I read states that people are the most willing to buy an electric vehicle in the age range of 18–34. Younger people are more willing because they feel like they can still make a large impact in the environment and because they like to stay with current trends. Electric cars are in now they are considered to be cool thanks to companies like Tesla that has brought them into that modern/futuristic era. It seems like a no brainer for most when they think they are making a difference and look good while doing it. Especially in this age of technology where everything new and innovating brings people in.

The Problem With Electric Cars

I am not saying that what these companies are doing is wrong. I believe electric cars to be a viable solution to the emissions issue. They look good better than most previous electric car. The problem is that most states still rely on inefficient methods to produce the energy for things like electric cars. Yes, those care run on electricity and get better mileage compared to gasoline cars. Where is that that electricity coming from though? If you are in the united states it probably still is coming from fossil fuels. It all depends on where you live. Some states do produce efficient amounts of energy from renewable sources like wind and solar. A lot aren’t because the costs to build these sources is high. Also not 100% reliable. How are you going to be producing energy when there is no sun or when the wind isn’t blowing? This is when they rely on fossil fuels to fill those gaps of missing energy. If you have an electric car and it’s getting its electricity from fossil fuels, then you are more likely to be emitting more emissions into the atmosphere than a gasoline car. Also there is the questions of how these cars are being built. A lot of the material used to make some of these cars especially tesla come from environmentally harmful places like mines. Adding all these factors together makes electric cars seem less appealing knowing that there is still a lot of harm being done to the environment.

Why You Should Reconsider That Plunge

Electric cars are very promising in my eyes. I Just think they still have some hurdles to overcome before they try and convince everyone buy one. There is a lot that these companies are doing that to make people want one like gas mileage, lower prices and government incentives. With so many different concerns though I think people need to more research. If you really want to buy an electric car because you think you will be helping the environment, then make sure that is mainly true. Look into whether your state or city or county is widely supportive of renewable energy. Make sure you know your investment isn’t only going to benefit you but the world as a whole. Unless all you care about is better gas mileage then take that plunge and don’t look back.

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