5 Perimenopause Weight Gain Solutions To Get Perfect Shape

These are some quick weight loss tips for women over 40. In the time of women 40′s hormone changes cause a redistribution of fat storage. At this time she starts to notice less amount of fat building in the legs and butt and more amount of fat building in the stomach area.

Regardless of place the fat is being accumulated getting it off rapid happens when these strategies are given in place.

1. Keep Carbs low at time of dinner and after. Carbohydrates are “energy diets” for the health because they break down easily. When a lot of energy is needed for your body like in the morning and early in the afternoon carbohydrates are metabolized efficiently.

However, when your body’s energy necessaries are declining as in first and late evening the carbohydrates you eat are more likely for getting converted to belly and health fat.

2. Avoid refined carbohydrates forever. Refined carbs like baked foods, candy or overly processed snack break down very fast in your health and this causes a surge of insulin.

When insulin is not low your body doesn’t decreases it’s ability for making body fat and slow fat burning.

3. Add protein to diets and snacks. Protein is key to helping you maintain fat. It helps you control your hunger, and stimulates the production of a hormone named glucagon and it can help counter the fat making properties associated with insulin.

4. Take a food journal. You want to take off any guessing so it will be necessary for you for keeping a daily record of the foods and drinks you take. Plus research shows that this simple matter can increase your weight loss at double.

5. Circuit training program workouts. You want your workouts to burn calories and preserve your lean muscle mass. With circuit training you combine aerobic exercise with strength training and get both profits in one workout period.

For doing a circuit exercise simply alternate back and forth between a few minutes of heart pumping cardio exercise (rope jumping, marching in place) and a few amount of resistance exercise (push-ups, squats).

For woman over 40 will have to use these rapid weight loss tips to enhance your fat burning and decrease a dress size in a short amount of time.

Here are some other important facts:

  • As we age out maximum heart rate falls by 1 beat per year
  • Cardiac Output reduces about 20–30% as we age
  • 40% of muscle fibers are lost between the first adulthood and 80yrs
  • Strength and inability to move rapidly decrease with age.

Aging does not only changes apparently your external look it has also a dramatic effect on the internal metabolism of the body and hence you need to take extra care to control the body metabolism to maintain the perfect shape of the body you want.

In conclusion, The Half Day™ Diet mixes certain types of foods that supposedly react in a specific way to increase your metabolic rate. Apparently, you’ll burn fat at a higher rate than usual, but be careful and don’t abuse the power of the diet’s reaction.

Originally published at www.fruitweightloss.com.